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Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032007
100 Series geophysical scanner systems offer the greatest realistic penetration that ground penetrating radar (GPR) can provide. It is used for locating deeper targets up  to 100 ft. (30.48m). Typically, this system is most often used for locating tunnels and for geophysical analysis.About the ..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032000
Overview GPRover harnesses ground penetrating radar technology for superior locating and data collection capabilities; integrating advanced subsurface imaging technology with high accuracy GPS and mapping. The antenna’s award-winning triple bandwidth technology also provides a deeper, clearer read ..
Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022012
Integrate Your GPS With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)Our GPR software integrates consumer and high-end GPS units and integrates with mapping software such as ArcGIS, Auto-CAD, Google Earth, and others.GPS Integration with GPR SoftwareEnabled GPS compatibility using customer’s receiverWorks with mos..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032004
OverviewThe Q10 is a high-resolution 1000MHz GPR cart system for bridge deck scanning and other high-resolution/shallow depth applications. Its rugged, durable design makes it perfect for a variety of different terrains and soil conditions along with its easy-to-use interface. With minor training, a..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032006
The Q25 geophysical GPR system is a 250 MHz locating system for deep utilities and geophysical applications. With a rugged, durable design and easy-to-learn interface, there is no other ground penetrating radar system on the market that is this easy to master and operate.Is the Q..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032003
Overview Simply put, the Q5 is a workhorse when it comes to locating buried utilities. Its easy-to-use interface can also be expanded and configured for other applications as needed. Not only is this system incredibly versatile, but it is the most powerful ground penetrating radar fro locating ut..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032002
OverviewThe Quantum Imager is the first true triple frequency range GPR system ever produced. Because the antenna emits three separate signals simultaneously, the user can survey significantly greater depths with higher resolution than any other locating technology without sacrificing middle frequen..
Brand: Usradar Model: 20-032001
OverviewThe Quantum Mini concrete scanner is the market’s first and only true dual-frequency range concrete scanner. With a 1000 MHz antenna for analyzing structures as deep as 72″ (1.8m) and a 2000MHz antenna for high-resolution fine analysis of short-range targets, you can expect superior imaging ..
Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022011
Radar Studio is a comprehensive software suite for viewing and processing radar data. It features an infinitely customizable user interface with intuitive controls and functions. Users can transform the data collected through our Acquisition Software into dynamic visuals that can be shared and store..
Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022014
In addition to our own software, our data can be exported into the industry standard Seg-Y format to be processed in almost any other existing software package.Our data files and GPS logs can be read natively by GPR-SLICE, which offers the following capabilities:2D/3D Time slices3D volume displ..
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