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Targets & Reflectors

Brand: Rothbucher Systems Model: 03-RS193
RS193 ROTATABLE TILTING TARGET 30X30 MMThe reflective target markers RS193 for use with tachymeter and total station. The reflective marker can always be set up accurately on the measuring instrument and rotated through a radius of 360°. Thus the same survey point can be used from all directions. Wh..
Brand: Rothbucher Systems Model: 03-RSAK130
RSAK130 PLATE WITH ANGLE, 2 TARGET REFLECTORS 30X30 MMThe RSAK130 is used on rails, bridges, noise barrier tunnels, dams, buildings, supports, high-bay shelves, glass and natural stone façades, etc. At a well-planned installation, adapters that are equipped with pre-installed smart angle targets per..
Brand: Rothbucher Systems Model: 03-RS183
RS183 TILTING TARGET 30X30 MMWhen using tachymeter and total stations, the reflective mark can always be aligned precisely with the measuring instrument. The reflective target can be turned in a radius of 180° making it possible to use the same survey point from different directions. If the markers ..
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