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Brand: SitePro Model: 09-2322-GM
2.2 METER ALUMINUM ROVER ROD, 3 POSITION SNAP-LOCK, METRIC   Lightweight 2-section telescoping aluminum rod with Metric graduations   Snap-loc for no slip positioning - 3 height positions: 2m, 1.8m or 1.6m and collapses to 1.37m   Compression lock mechanism   ..
Brand: SitePro Model: 09-2322-GT
All-aluminum lightweight 2-section telescoping poleSnap-loc for no slip with compression lock – 3 heights: 2m, 1.8m or 1.6m and collapses to 1.343mOuter pole graduations – 10ths/100thsOn-board 20-minute, adjustable circular vialIncludes: Soft Carrying Case..
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