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Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022012
Integrate Your GPS With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)Our GPR software integrates consumer and high-end GPS units and integrates with mapping software such as ArcGIS, Auto-CAD, Google Earth, and others.GPS Integration with GPR SoftwareEnabled GPS compatibility using customer’s receiverWorks with mos..
Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022011
Radar Studio is a comprehensive software suite for viewing and processing radar data. It features an infinitely customizable user interface with intuitive controls and functions. Users can transform the data collected through our Acquisition Software into dynamic visuals that can be shared and store..
Brand: Usradar Model: 15-022014
In addition to our own software, our data can be exported into the industry standard Seg-Y format to be processed in almost any other existing software package.Our data files and GPS logs can be read natively by GPR-SLICE, which offers the following capabilities:2D/3D Time slices3D volume displ..
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