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Brand: Keson Model: CHROME SERIES
Our most popular model, this chrome-coated, rubber-grip compact housing comes in the most lengths and units. The textured rubber grips provide a sure hold even in a gloved hand. The easy slide out and swift return action on these tapes make them consistent performers on the job site. FEATURES ..
The diameter of a circular object, like a tree or a pipe, is easily measured using a Keson diameter tape measure. The tape is calibrated in units of 3.14(pi) inches. The tape is actually measuring the tree or pipe’s circumference, but the units on the tape are adjusted by pi enabling you to get a di..
Brand: Keson Model: ECONOMY SERIES
Economically priced series. The co-molded plastic housing holds a lacquer-coated blade with easy to read marking of each eight, quarter and half inch. A side brake will slow or stop the blade return when engaged. A good tape at a very reasonable price. FEATURES Easy-to-Read Graduations ..
Brand: Keson Model: MAGNETIC TIP
The magnetic hook end sticks to any metal surface, enabling up to 10 feet of tape extension. A highly visible version of our Magnetic Tip Tape Measure is available. The magnetic hook end sticks to attach to any metal surface. Stick it to a metal door frame and you can pace off 10 feet or more...
Brand: Keson Model: NR SERIES
NYLON-REINFORCED STEEL BLADE, STANDARD REWIND A Keson best seller! Since 1968 this style of Keson steel tape has been providing customers with accurate measurements. They are used in the harshest conditions in which people measure, and they stand to the only test that matters: field performance. ..
Brand: Keson Model: NRS SERIES
NYLON-REINFORCED STEEL BLADE, 3X HIGH-SPEED REWIND 3X rewind, high-visibility housing! FEATURES Metal, planetary gearing for super-fast rewind & no more stripped gears. High-visibility orange polycarbonate case. Tough, double nylon-coated steel blade assures long life under field ..
Brand: Keson Model: POCKET RODS
This unique grading rod is compact like a tape measure. Simply remove the nylon-coated steel blade from the case and you have a convenient 6 1/2 foot vertical-reading leveling rod. Each case has a built-in target. When finished, just slide back into the case. It’s ideal for checking a grade without ..
These small tape measures are perfect for carrying in a pocket. The unique arch design of the PG1812SQ enables the tape to slip in and out of without catching. It comes with a removable belt clip. The PG1810 has a magnetic back so it can stick to a file cabinet, cubical frame, door frame or refriger..
Brand: Keson Model: PROFESSIONAL
We have two case styles in our Pro Series of tape measures: a stainless steel or high-impact, high-visibility, Keson-Orange ABS. The entire family feature the stronger locks than our chrome and toggle series. They also offers our highest impact resistance and feature a slotted rubber grip for a..
Brand: Keson Model: SNR SERIES
STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING, NYLON-REINFORCED STEEL BLADE The world’s best steel long tape in a housing that’s built to last. Features the strongest housing (stainless steel) on the market. Tough, double nylon-coated steel blade assures long life under field abuse. Rubbergrip shovel handle for comforta..
Brand: Keson Model: ST_3X & ST_Y SERIES
This Steel Tape (ST_3X and ST_Y) series is great for those who need a longer tape but like the blade protection that a closed house offers. They slip easily into a pocket, purse, tool pouch or tool belt. The ST_Y versions come with a belt clip. The cases are protected by an impact reducing rubber gr..
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