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Field Controllers

Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022026
Versatile, rugged and fully equipped Windows Mobile® field controller. The Zenius5 is a versatile, rugged and fully equipped Windows Mobile® field controller. Due to its integrated 3.75 G GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth modules, it is the ideal device to connect to all receivers of the GeoMax GNSS family...
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022025
The GeoMax Zenius700A is a premium class, rugged, compact and powerful 7” Android tablet. With a thin, light and ergonomic design, the Zenius700A tablet is small enough to hold comfortably in just one hand yet big enough to help you get your job done. Optimal connection The Zenius700A is powered ..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022028
The GeoMax Zenius800 field controller uses the latest technology to achieve the high accuracy results and maximum efficiency required for on-site success. BIM and CAD files are quickly uploaded and easily edited. With an IP67 rating the Zenius800 operates reliably despite adverse environmental condi..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022027
Operating on AndroidTM, the ZeniusX field controller is versatile and fully equipped to make data collection easy. Clean and detailed site documentation is guaranteed thanks to the 8MP high-resolution camera. The rugged controller is dust-tight and withstands temporary immersion under water (IP67). ..
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