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Traverse Kits

Brand: SECO Model: 2159-04-BLK
  Preset to a 155 mm height making it compatible with Nikon NIVO™ Series Total Stations Kit includes a 62 mm prism assembly (#6402-04-YLB) with a <5 arc seconds angle deviation and a silver-coated prism to resist fogging The adjustable..
Brand: SECO Model: 2159-01-BLK
Kit includes a 62-mm prism with silver-coated canister (#6400-10) Prism has <5 arc seconds angle deviation The adjustable (and reversible) tilt target has a sighting collimator for precise pointing and has 0, -30, and -40 of..
Brand: SECO Model: 2153-10-BLK
For traversing or precise setups The optical plummet is twist-focus with 2.5X magnification Includes a 60-second adjustable plate vial The precision-machined axis rotates 360º Adapter is compatible with all prisms w..
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