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Prism Pole Accessories

Brand: SECO Model: 5198-163
This adjustable offset bar can be used with total stations and prism poles to help get accurate elevation measurements in hard-to-reach places Used with any standard survey pole It has an adjustable centerline, 1.60 to 1.00 ft ..
Brand: SECO Model: 5214-01
The Gardner Rod rest is a self-retracting ‘kickstand’ for survey rods Attaches quickly with one thumbscrew and is activated by simply pushing down a few inches on the handle Legs self-retract when the rod is lifted Made o..
Brand: SECO Model: 5198-157
Perform odd setups and stay away from dangerous situations with the Offset Pole Holder Kit Combine the kit with any 5/8 x 11 threaded pole and a Heads-Up™ Level for a safe and sturdy setup A padded case, hex wrench, and an adap..
Brand: SECO Model: 5195-01
Convenient for adjusting and calibrating pole vials in the office The adjusting jig features an ‘L-bracket’ to rest the prism pole point on and the adjustable top piece Use the adjustable top to center your pole before adjustin..
Brand: SECO Model: 91641
Crain’s Stedi-Rest® fits any 1.25 to 1.5 inch (32 to 38.1 mm) pole and can take the place of three separate products Weighs 0.15 lb (0.07 kg) ..
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