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Brand: SECO Model: 8154-00-ORG
Use with the our Collapsible GPS Antenna Tripod (#5119-00) or other conventional tripods Designed to carry the tripod without the point on the center pole to prevent damage to the pole Features a full length heavy-duty zipper ..
Brand: SECO Model: 8143-22-FLY
The case secures your cell phone to any survey pole without slipping Inside dimensions: 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches (12.7 x 6.35 x 3.81 cm) Flo Yellow Weighs 0.10 lb (0.45 kg) ..
Brand: SECO Model: 8154-12-ORG
This bag features heavy-duty Cordura® material and Rhinotek™ A shoulder strap is included Use with Heavy-Duty GPS Antenna Tripods (#5119-10) Measures: 8 inch ID x 56 inches (20.32 x 142.24 cm) Orange Weighs ..
Brand: SECO Model: 8125-11-ORG
Made of heavy-duty, high-vis polyester Includes cool mesh and foam back pad, offers a convenient and comfortable way to transport and manage GIS instrumentation Features a built-in pocket for CamelBak® or other hydration system..
Brand: SECO Model: 8154-10-ORG
  Carrying case for Radio Antenna Tripod Case comes included when it is purchased with Radio Antenna Tripod (#5300-11 and 5300-12) Outside Dimensions: 8 inches x 54 inches (20.32 cm x 1.4 m) Orange ..
Brand: SECO Model: 8125-50-ORG
  Includes a cam-lock antenna pole, adjustable straps, several interior pockets, belt loop straps, and rain flap Interior dimensions: 15 x 9 x 4 inches (38.1 x 22.86 x 10.16 cm)* The pole extends from 15 7/8 to 32 inches (40.3 to 81.3 cm)..
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