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Brand: Site Pro Model: 51-11220
The SITEGEAR 11220 leather hammer holder is made with heavy duty top grain leather for durability and maximum life. The steel hammer ring is wedged between two layers of premium leather and stitched with heavy duty nylon thread. FEATURES:Made of heavy duty custom-tanned top grain leatherEdge st..
Brand: Site Pro Model: 51-11230
The SITEGEAR™ 11230 leather tape holder is heavy duty with revited constuction for durability and long life. Carries large sized tape rules- 25’ to 30’ (7.62m to 9.2m), with snap button leather strap to secure and hold.FEATURES:Made of heavy duty leather constructionEdge stitching and riveted for st..
Brand: Site Pro Model: 51-12035
The SITEGEAR 12035 3-inch ranger style leather belt is constructed with high quality bridal leather. Equipped with a 2-inch wide leather tongue and nickel-plated steel roller buckle. Designed for quality, appearance, and strength. Available in three sizes.FEATURES:Leather 3” ranger style work belt w..
Brand: Site Pro Model: 51-12101
The SITEGEAR 12101 2” heavy duty leather belt is designed to be both rugged and comfortable. Constructed of strong bridle leather and edge stitched for quality and strength. Combines durability, appearance and price to create an excellent value. FEATURES:Made of thick bridal leather and custom ..
Brand: Site Pro Model: 51-12102
The SITEGEAR 12102 2-in wide web belt is heavy duty with double-tongue roller buckle. Both ends of this belt are finished with top grain oily-tanned leather for durability and maximum life. Leather ends are edge stitched with heavy duty nylon thread. FEATURES:Double-pronged roller buckle keeps ..
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