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Ball-and-Socket Bracket Accessories

Brand: SECO Model: 5200-201
Use the Ball-and-Socket Link for your custom solution Fits the 1-inch ram ball on cradles and clamps Weighs 0.27 lb (0.12 kg) ..
Brand: SECO Model: 5199-051
Perfect for creating a custom solution Fits any standard instrument tripod Use with a #5200-201 Ball-and-Socket Link and a Ball-and-Socket Cradle (designed for your data collector) for a complete system Weighs 0.63 lb (0...
Brand: SECO Model: 5199-050
Mount your data collector or controller to this ball clamp and the handle bars of your ATV Weighs 0.19 lb (0.09 kg) ..
Brand: SECO Model: 5199-052
Pole Clamp with 1 inch Ram ball Fits poles with an outside diameter of 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches ..
Brand: SECO Model: 5199-054
Mounts and connectors to complete your custom Ball-and-Socket Claw solution Includes base and suction cup with 1 inch ball Weighs 0.54 lb (0.24 kg) ..
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