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GNSS Surveying Accessories

Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-021999
With PicPoint, you can easily measure points directly in the field that cannot be measured with conventional GNSS measurements, such as on façade points or objects with restricted access possibility. PicPoint combines GNSS measurements with images taken from the PicPoint camera attached to the p..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022006
The GeoMax Zenith15 is a complete and fully integrated GNSS receiver, allowing the tracking of GPS and GLONASS systems. Available as GSM or GSM-UHF model, Zenith15 is your economic choice. Withstanding vibration and 2 m topple over, and unbeatable IP68 protection for dust and immersion in water, t..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022007
The Zenith16 GNSS receiver is a cost-effective investment that guarantees reliable results. In combination with GeoMax field controllers and the X-PAD software, the receiver reaches its full potential. Renowned partners Experience increased productivity and reduced failure rates thanks to the po..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022029
Equipped with the most advanced GNSS receiver technology, Zenith25 Pro series supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and SBAS systems. Suitable for any application, the Zenith25 Pro series additionally considers new GNSS constellations like BeiDou and Galileo today and is prepared for even more..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022008
Full spectrum of satellite signals, full connectivity and the unique Tilt&Go functionality all in a compact GNSS make the Zenith35 Pro series the GNSS that works when you do. A corner of a building or even a gully under a parked car? The unique Zenith35 Pro Tilt&Go functionality allows you ..
Brand: GeoMax Model: 15-022009
Zenith40 is the true flagship of the GeoMax GNSS receivers. Equipped with NovAtel`s latest, cutting-edge measurement engine and supporting fast converging Precise Point Positioning (PPP), this antenna provides a highest level of technology and meets the toughest MIL standards. Zenith40 assures a wor..
Brand: SECO Model: 5143-02
The Carbon Fiber pole extensions have 5/8 x 11 female threads on the bottom and 5/8 x 11 male threads on the top to allow more added sections 1.25 inch (32 mm) outside diameter 1 Meter in length Weighs 0.70 lb (0.32 ..
Brand: SECO Model: 90558-050
Use with the Tri-Max® Universal Elevator Tripod (#90558) Additional 1 meter section may be added for a total recommended height of 10 ft (3 m) For use with instruments under 15.00 lb (6.80 kg) ..
Brand: SECO Model: 5200-33
Pole Clamp locks securely to the pole, no slipping! Tilting Feature with three positions, +10, +30 or +50 degrees Quick Release from Pole Clamp for taking photos, etc. and also allows landscape or portait orientation of the display Bracket for..
Brand: SECO Model: 5125-06-FLY
These lightweight two-piece rover rods are perfect for all GPS applications The two-piece rover rods come in aluminum and feature 5/8 x 11 tips and 40-minute vial Included cable management slot which is 0.625 x 1.6 in (1.6 x 4...
Brand: SECO Model: 5125-06-YEL
This featherweight is ideal for GPS applications The two-piece rover rods come in aluminum and feature 5/8 x 11 tip and 40-minute vial Includes the option for 10ths/100ths or metric graduations Included cable management s..
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